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Hey guys we are back with brand new blog and today we will show you that how can you download Grand Theft Auto official series game which is also known as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Android device.

Yes guys today we will give you modified APK of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas guys many of you download other APK and OBB that’s the only reason it is not able to download or run on your Android device.

About Game Developers-

Guys this game is officially made by Rockstar games company and if you had played a rockstar games official GTA series game then you know that how amazing games had made by Rockstar gaming company in previous days get the Max Payne 2 and Bully anniversary edition.

Is also made for Android by a rockstar games company but it is not popular yet it is popular but I am saying because it is not popular than a GTA San Andreas because GTA San Andreas is open world game that’s the reason open world game is a most popular than a story based game or action based shooting games

About Game-

Guys if you are a fan of Rockstar Games then it is a best game for you because it contains a lot of Amazing graphics and had a challenging missions which is a most important part of any game other it is open world games or either it is not open world game. Guys and if we talk about developers then we can say developer of this game had done very great effort.

Show download this game right now because if you are a lover of open world games then it is a huge open world game around 1.7 GB and guys requirements are also given below and we had given requirements only because many of our viewers tell that “we had downloaded the game but space is not in their phone and their lot of data or mobile data had wasted.

Guys that’s the only reason we had given you are modified Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK and it will not create any problem in your Android device because many of you also says that the game and OBB is fine but there is some problem in installing the APK and that’s the only reason we are giving you a best APK of GTA San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


  • Buil specifically for mobile with high-resolution including lighting enhancement
  • Full Camara Control and Movement Controls With Dual analog Stick
  • Immersion tactile effects with integrated
  • Visual Experience adjustable settings

Enhanced Gaming Experience-

Guys I had played the game and if you had played the game or you are playing a game first time then you should know that how amazing gaming experience we got in this game or Open world Based Game and that is a best part of this game which helps for our better experience of our gaming experience.

Open World Game-

Guys are best part of this game is that it is categorised in open world game and many of The Gamers love open world game and which is the best part of this game and if you love a open world game for you play open world game then this is a full entertainment pack for entertainment package for you and other Gamers.

Official Game On Android-

Guys for your information I would like to tell you that this game is first launched for PC and other games consoles but later after anniversary of the rockstar games company GTA series games then it is officially announced on our Android device and now we are able to play this game in our Android device.

Realistic Graphics-

Guys this game contains a lot of Amazing graphics which help you are better gaming experience and the most important thing of this game or important part of this game is that it contains a lot of Huge amazing graphics which is also called be a realistic graphics.

Works on Low End Devices- 

Guys most necessary thing is that the game should run on your Android but after seeing its compatibility developers also had given a best effort and there’s only reason this game runs on both devices either it is low end devices or it is high and devices so download this game right now from our download section and take authentic gameplay of all games of GTA series.

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External Controller Support-

Guys this game also support external controllers which is the Best part of this game. And many of you Gamers had a Playstation 4 controllers or other controllers guys and this is a best thing that it support all type of controller either it is PlayStation one controller or either it is PlayStation 4 controller.

What’s New-

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Added New Car
  • Added External Controller

Story Of The Game-

And guys if we talk about the story of game then the story of game is revolves around the game friendly character CJ and other characters of game friendly characters of series and if you had played The Other game of Rockstar company.

then you know that Rockstar company had made of best characters in every Game series like in GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto 5 Franklin and Trevor is a very friendly character and in comparison of GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto 5 we can say CJ is a better character for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for GTA San Andreas.

Download  Section-

  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK – CLICK HERE
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas OBB – CLICK HERE


  • RAM For Android Device- Minimum 1 GB
  • Available Storage For Android Device- Minimum 3GB
  • Android OS For Android Device- KitKat 4. 4. 1 or Higher
  • Processer For Android Device- Depend On Android Device Processer

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